wtorek, 17 lutego 2015

Configure KWMATIK USB/DMX512 interface under APLLE OSX Macintosh

Driver for USB/Dmx512 is included in the OSX system , first step is download patch:

The solution is to disable the new Apple driver. It's working on earlier or later OSX versions .

After that watch device profile:

And download QLC+ (in secure option allow install from HDD disk)
When you start QLC+ , at the bottom of the window are tabs selected "(INPUT / OUTPUT) / Mapping" from the list of "DMX USB" and check the OUTPUT 
KWMATIK USB interface OUTPUT / DMX512 appears in UNIVERSE1 

Then switch to the TAB  "Simple Desk", here is a simple sliding pad and directly change values for DMX512 bus changes by sliders, video shows these action


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